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Join us for diverse, group outings, one-on-one, day programs and travel opportunities for people experiencing special needs and disabilities.

AO "Project World" funded Activities & Services

Exciting News!  Activity Options is offering activities and overnight trips FREE of charge to Denver County residents. Check out our Events & Trips Schedules and sign up online OR email signup@activityoptions.com.  Available to non-residents at current pricing* Medicaid waiver restrictions apply. Regular pricing may be subject to Medicaid waiver restrictions.  Check with your providers!

Join with Colorado PASA Waivers

Activity Options LLC has program approval from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to provide services under HCBS-DD and HCBS-SLS. Learn more

Choose Private Pay Options

Step outside the restrictions of government funding while staying inside the safety and accountability with Private Pay options. Learn more

Our RecPartners™ and YOU.

Our “providers” are highly trained RecPartners™ who are healthcare specialists and professional “recreationists” committed to your best day, every day.

Join 1-on-1 or Group activities for People experiencing Special Needs and Disabilities.

Diverse, recreational and educational programs using a large network of creative community resources. Day programs, special events and overnight travel. Colorado PASA designated under SLS, DD and CES waivers.

Ask about creating a personalized Activity schedule for Adults & Seniors.

No matter your age, stay active or re-engage in those sports and activities you loved but now need a little extra help.  Your RecPartner™ goes at your speed and takes care of all the details.

"Since being involved with Ken and Activity Options I've seen vast improvements in not only Garett's overall happiness, but his communication skills are better, he is more curious about things around him and, most importantly, he's having more positive social interactions  with those around him" - Tracy Rotter

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"Knowledgeable, creative, caring staff partner with those they serve to enrich their lives by expanding their abilities then ultimately their options. Over the past year I have observed this happen with my adult son who has cerebral palsy. I am thankful that he has had the opportunity to work with this amazing company." - Jo Lynn Osborne

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Join our RecPartners™ (1:4) for diverse group outings in addition to one-on-one and day programs.
We are adding events all the time. As highly experienced providers, RecPartners™ are healthcare specialists and professional “recreationists” committed to your best day, every day!