Our Vision: Activity Options exists to empower people with special needs and abilities to participate in activities of their choosing that enrich, expand, entertain and empower that day and the next.

Our Mission: Activity Options creates customized activities, day programs and travel opportunities for Adults 18+ experiencing IDD to discover or regain their personal power and health.

Activity Options RecPartners: RecPartners (some organizations call them “providers”) are passionate about working with people who need a little extra help.  We call them “recreationists” because they have a knack for finding things to do that are fun and entertaining yet educational, empowering and even challenging.  They are experts at coordinating between community resources, families and guardians and figuring out how to accommodate any special situation.  They enjoy lifestyles of health and fitness and insist on having fun helping others.

Our Founder/CEO/RecPartner: Ken Berry, CEO / Founder / RecPartner

It all started in 2013.  Ken Berry, who had been working in institutional programs with Special Needs for over 20 years, had a vision to create a specialized kind of activity program that would be individually empowering as well as recreational. He saw that most of the traditional programs were designed to be one-size-fits all.

Ken began to develop relationships with mainstream community resources who could accommodate people who needed a little extra help.  He paid special attention to the particular gifts and interests of the people he was serving and began advancing them into new activities and expanding the possibilities of what they could do.

Participants’ families and Care Givers began to notice a lasting impact once participants were back in their home environment. Ken observed more integrated social interactions, increased independence and new skill development.

And most importantly, more smiles!!

In 2014, Ken began developing a training certification for RecPartners™, people who embody his philosophy of service and exemplify a passion to live life larger life through fitness and health.   RecPartners™ are trained each year in the State required safety, legal and knowledge based curriculum.

Ken continues to expand his training to parents, organizations and special interest groups.


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Activity Options is a PASA in the state of Colorado
Activity Options is a PASA in the state of Colorado
Activity Options is a PASA in the state of Colorado
Activity Options is a PASA in the state of Colorado

“Since being involved with Ken and Activity Options I’ve seen vast improvements in not only Garett’s overall happiness, but his communication skills are better, he is more curious about things around him and, most importantly, he’s having more positive social interactions  with those around him” – Tracy Rotter

“Knowledgeable, creative, caring staff partner with those they serve to enrich their lives by expanding their abilities then ultimately their options. Over the past year I have observed this happen with my adult son who has cerebral palsy. I am thankful that he has had the opportunity to work with this amazing company.” – Jo Lynn Osburn