Activity Options exists to empower people with special needs to participate in activities of their choosing that enrich, expand, entertain and empower… that day and the next.


Activity Options creates customized activity/recreation programs for people struggling to discover or regain their personal power and health.

AO "Project World" funded Activities & Services

Exciting News!  Activity Options is offering activities and overnight trips FREE of charge to Denver County residents. Check out our Events & Trips Schedules and sign up online OR email signup@activityoptions.com.  Available to non-residents at current pricing* Medicaid waiver restrictions apply. Regular pricing may be subject to Medicaid waiver restrictions.  Check with your providers!

Not a Resident of Denver?? You’re always invited to join us! Simply register with a full or partial payment. Any to reserve your spot. Contact us to see if you qualify for a Loyalty Discount, most people do!

or text or call 303-358-2592.  *Participants may be limited by Medicaid rules, contact our provider for more information. Thank you for your interest in participating with Activity Options!