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“Thank you so much!  I appreciate all that you and your staff do for all these precious and wonderful people.  You bring so much happiness into their lives.”
Evelina S - Sister of Activity Options regular participant

Ken Berry and his company, Activity Options, have been a HUGE blessing to my son, my husband, and myself.  We first met Ken when we were looking for a provider, so my son could realize his dream of going to college.  We had been looking for someone for almost a year to do this.   When we met Ken, he immediately volunteered to go with our son until he could find a provider that would match our son’s needs.  He worked tirelessly until he did find a provider that is a perfect match!  Until that time, Ken took the time to do outings with our son. It is very easy to work with Ken.  He is a good listener, energetic,  and is  consistently positive and upbeat.  His company, Activity Options, always has a plethora of activities for their clients.    Ken always has the best interests on his clients at heart, and he genuinely cares about the people he serves.    He has a well trained and experienced staff who meet his high expectations.  When you have a loved one who has a disability, sometimes it is very difficult to find people  to help him or her live life with passion and purpose.   Fortunately, Ken and his group excel at this, and are true gifts to the people they serve!
Val Veraldi

My name is Melissa, and my significant other and I, John Crothers, had many outings with Activity Options on our boat.  It was incredibly amazing to watch these folks  experience pure joy!  Their courage to try something new,  like tubing, the laughter and ear to ear grins, was incredibly inspiring and so much fun to be a part of! I always look forward to our next outing!
Melissa & John Crothers

Ken Berry, his wife Peggy and the staff at Activity Options are the greatest thing to happen to my brother in long awhile.  Garett is a much happier, engaged and active individual and we can totally credit that to the people at Activity Options.

Ken is truly  interested in making the lives of those with disabilities better.  His attentiveness, guidance and enthusiasm have really made a positive impact on the quality of my brothers life.  Ken makes sure Garett is having meaningful experiences on every activity – he doesn’t just go through the motions, which we have seen so often with other providers.

Since being involved with Ken and Activity Options I’ve seen vast improvements in not only Garett’s overall happiness, but his communication skills are better, he is more curious about things around him and, most importantly, he’s having more positive social interactions  with those around him.  I believe all these improvements can be attributed to Garett being out of the house experiencing new and different activities with people like Ken and everyone at Activity Options – it’s making a difference because they truly care.

Tracy Rotter

Ken & Peggy,
Just wanted to Congratulate you two on the amazing success of Activity Options. You are truly making a difference in the lives of those fortunate enough to hang out with you.
Thanks for all you do, Jo Lynn

Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate Activity Options.  I have been a host home provider for 25 years. I discovered this program in the last year or so and have taken full advantage of it. Both of the guys who live with me go to the activities with Ken and Peggy. The love it!  They always have a great time, and get picked up and dropped off at home, so I know they are safe. It’s also very  affordable for them, so they get to go to several activities each month.  Great program for them and wonderful break for me.
Thanks, Ramona Reitz

The philosophy of Activity Options is to offer individualized recreation plans and resources designed to empower your life. Activity Options does this and so much more. Knowledgeable, creative, caring staff partner with those they serve to enrich their lives by expanding their abilities then ultimately their options. Over the past year I have observed this happen with my adult son who has cerebral palsy. I am thankful that he has had the opportunity to work with this amazing company. Activity Options Walks the Talk!

Thank you, Jo Lynn Osborne

After many years of dealing with the disability system in Colorado, I have become used to employees who do as little as possible. What a revelation to meet Ken, with his huge ambitions and enthusiasm. I can honestly say that I have never encountered it before in 25 years. An example of this is when Ken and his wife Peggy, drove 40 miles to our home in Denver from theirs near Evergreen, in the aftermath of a blizzard, on a Saturday, to do their usual outing with my son, Emerson! It was nothing to them. How I love this attitude and the creativity and heart that goes into their program.

Beverly Bennett

Dear Peggy and Ken,
Just wanted to let you know how pleased we have been with the activities our girls have participated in with your company.
Joan always has such fun, and we were so pleased to have you take Sue on the two train rides.  She so enjoyed her self, and I was so happy to know you were able to provide the service for her, and deal with whatever might  happen.
All the local trips are in preparation for her to eventually take an airplane ride to Pennsylvania to visit family.  As she becomes more comfortable, I  can see that happening.
I have appreciated the contact from you with pictures of the trips, and follow-up information on how Sue handled things as she is mostly non-verbal. I have a sense of comfort knowing she is being well cared for.
We look forward to many more outings with you.
Pat Jurann
Pat Jurann