Activity Options exists to empower people with special needs to participate in activities of their choosing that enrich, expand, entertain and empower… that day and the next.


Activity Options creates customized activity/recreation programs for people struggling to discover or regain their personal power and health.

Great Book by Parent/Advocate IDD, Cerebral Palsy

Check out this idea filled book by Jo Lynn Osborne, a longtime loving parent and active advocate for her son and others experiencing disabilities and special needs.

Try Another Way: A Story of Self Determination, is the story of Jo Lynn and her son, David’s, collaborative journey into adulthood through self determination.  Jo Lynn became her son’s fierce advocate for inclusion, equality and a full life within a society with slowly changing attitudes toward people with disabilities.  Jo Lynn went on to advocate for hundreds of others through her work with the Arc-Jeffco, Clear Creek and Gilpin Counties and David continues to craft his own life and grow his friendships and opportunities.

“Build community” blares loudly! The funding comes and goes and comes and goes so a network of real friends and supports is essential. Jo Lynn and David share the ups and downs of their experiences and offer many suggestions to encourage parents or others trying to support a person with special needs or disabilities.


SNL Goes to “LIM Dance Film Festival”

Saturday Night Live went to the “Life in Motion Dance Film Festival” at the 216 S. Grant St. Community Center last weekend.

This is the same place Amanda Browns’s 1st Friday Dance Community meets…  a monthly dance for folks with special needs. It was cool for us to participate in a reception, auction and viewing of 10 short films expressing ideas through movement. We won 3 auction items!

SNL makes it possible for people experiencing IDD to go out with friends on Saturday night and experience life along side other people.